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My dog loves Kate!

I signed up for some private sessions and my overly-excited dog is becoming a better behaved every day. It is clear that Kate is knowledgeable, a great teacher, and cares about her clients. She is responsive to client concerns and has great recommendations from nutrition, harnesses, training methods, and more! My only regret is not bringing my dog to Kate earlier!

Katie W.

She has changed the way I think about my dogs

Even as someone who has raised and worked with animals for much of my life. She is so so insightful, always learning and excited to share her knowledge. Just follow her on Facebook and you’ll learn something new!

Elaine F.

I have been working with Kate for close to 2 years now

and she is probably the only trainer I would ever trust to work with my dogs. I first met her when she trained me to be a dog trainer at PetSmart, and immediately put my puppies into her classes. One dog was able to complete a Puppy class, Intermediate class, and a Trick class and the other dog was in private sessions with her for his anxiety and over-excitability on-leash around other dogs. I am so glad she’s out on her own now and she has been so incredibly helpful these last few months. She has been coming to my apartment to work with my dogs on their reactions to people knocking on the door (and entering the apartment) before our first baby arrives in March. Kate seems to know a little bit about everything related to dogs – training, breeding, nutrition… and it is all so helpful! My dogs’ behavior has gotten so much better since working with Kate (especially since doing the at-home training!) There are still some things my dogs need work on, but I’m not going to any one else for help with that, and I have to say that my dogs are much better than I thought they could be! I love Kate and highly recommend her to anyone needing help with their dogs (or other animals… as I hear she’s also currently training somebody’s piglet!)

Laura R.

Kate is a very smart trainer!

This women really knows her stuff! She has excellent training techniques, and She’s an absolute wizard when it comes to nutritional recommendations for your pet. There is no one else I would trust more with my dog then Kate! She has a big heart and you know she cares for each and everyone of her clients.

Christine S.

Kate is an excellent dog trainer!

My Australian Cattle Dog mix and I have been training with her for over a year and she (my dog) has made incredible progress. My dog is very excitable and hyperactive and would always jump up on people. Now, while still energetic, she is controllable, attentive, and I can take her with me almost anywhere. She is also on her way to becoming a Canine Good Citizen with the AKC. I

Derek S.

My boyfriend and I took our Rottweiler puppy to Kate

and did two consecutive classes with her. We weren’t sure what to expect in the first class but we were more than happy with the training and progress he’s made. So when Kate announced we could continue a continuation class with her we had to continue. Our puppy loved her and helped us to be better trainers. We always get compliments about how well mannered our pup is and we have to thank Kate for that! I would recommend Kate to anyone with a new puppy or mature dog. She’s the best!

Ashley S.

Kate Connell was fabulous in training my dog Sydney

With her help and my training at home my dog did a 180 and is always asked now to come to my Yoga class and stay till class is over and then get his hugs from everyone. So call Kate and you too can take your dog everywhere and this love only reinforces the behavior.

Stefanie M.

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