Puppies can really benefit from the sensory stimulation of searching for food in a ball (or empty water bottle) pit.

Puppy Social Hour combines play skills with learning how to focus around distractions, all while preparing them for many of the potentially scary things they will encounter in life.

During the class, we focus on the basics of how to get and maintain your puppy’s focus around other puppies, while also teaching them (and you) what is, and what is not appropriate during puppy play. They will also be exposed to various household/novel objects, different flooring substrates, “scary” sounds, and new people (often including well-behaved young children). We also discuss potty training and nuisance behaviors such as nipping, chewing, jumping, and barking.

Puppy Social Hour is held at my home in Costa Mesa on Saturdays from 8:30-9:30am and Sundays from 12:30pm-1:30pm*. Only healthy, vaccinated dogs are allowed on the premises. It is open enrollment, so you may begin attending as soon as your puppy meets the minimum requirements (see below) and there is at least one other puppy signed up to attend. It is for puppies that are 10-16 weeks old**, and they may continue attending up until 20 weeks with instructor approval. The modules of the class repeat, so if you need to skip a week, you can simply attend the module the next time it comes around. Puppies 16 weeks and younger must attend at least 4 weeks of Puppy Social Hour before attending Building Blocks Basic Obedience, unless otherwise specified by the instructor.

*Class time is subject to change.

**All puppies must have been in your home for a minimum of 7 days before attending and must have received at least 2 rounds of Distemper-Parvo vaccination (and remain current for their age). They must also have a clean fecal exam for worms & Giardia. The second round of vaccination must have been given at least 2 days prior to attending the first class, and any subsequent vaccinations must be given at least 2 days prior to continuing classes.

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