Potbellied pigs are extremely intelligent, social creatures, and it’s no wonder they are growing in popularity as house pets. However, given their extreme intelligence (only dolphins and chimpanzees are smarter!), excellent sense of smell, and natural rooting behaviors, it’s almost too easy for them to get into trouble! Pigs need a lot of social interaction and mental stimulation in order to be well-behaved, and training is an excellent way to provide that for them.

While typical goals for pig owners are polite manners (taking treats gently and no rooting or body slamming), harness/leash training, ramp training, and some fun tricks, pigs can learn almost any behavior/trick that a dog can, short of some physical limitations. Because pigs are a prey species and dogs are predators, pigs cannot attend group classes with dogs for safety reasons. Pigs may also scuffle when first introduced to an unknown pig. Therefore, private training is generally the best option for pigs, but I have done a Custom Group Class (using multiple exercise pens) with SCAMPP and I may be doing another in the future!

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