Group classes aren’t for everyone. Maybe you have a hectic schedule, your dog has very specific training needs or just isn’t ready for a group, or maybe you just prefer one-on-one attention. Private training is a great option for bonding with a new dog or puppy, or working through problem behaviors such as family dynamics with young children, excessive barking, or separation anxiety. You and your dog can both learn faster at home with more individualized instruction and fewer distractions than a group class. I train you to train your own dog right where most problem behaviors start: at home and on neighborhood walks. We can also meet on-location if there is a particular location where you’d like to practice with your dog. During training, I make sure that you are successful with your dog before we move on, and I give you emailed homework to work on until our next session. We work at a time that best suits your needs and we move at your pace. Available as single sessions and package deals. Private training is necessary for separation anxiety cases, excessive barking issues, severe fear or aggression issues, and some other issues, but private training can also be helpful for learning the basics. Basic obedience cues may include Sit, Down, Wait, Come, Stay, Leave It/Drop It, Loose Leash Walking, Heel, Go to Mat, basic manners & Canine Good Citizen skills, Therapy Dog requirements, as well as fun (and functional) tricks.  

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