Private dog training is a great option for bonding with a new dog or puppy, or working through problem behaviors. I train you to train your dog right where most problem behaviors start: at home and on neighborhood walks. Puppy-proofing your home, house-training issues, excessive barking, excessive jumping, excitability, fear, and aggression issues are best addressed in-home, and are typically not solved in group classes (though some may be worked on in specific group classes once the core issue has been addressed). And, if you’ve got kids, Calmer Canines is a member of The Family Dog Private Training program – a fun, easy program made just for families!

I make sure that you are successful with your dog before we move on, and I give you homework to work on until our next session. We work at a time that best suits your needs and we move at your pace.  You and your dog can both learn faster at home with more individualized instruction and fewer distractions than a group class.

If your dog already has the basics down, we can even meet at a park or outdoor shopping mall to proof your dog with distractions! Basic obedience cues may include Sit, Down, Wait, Come, Stay, Leave It/Drop It, walking nicely on leash and basic good manners. More advanced cues may include Heel, Go to Mat, working at distance, Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog skills, as well as fun (and functional) tricks.

For Semi-Private Group Classes, gather 2-4 dogs in your family or neighborhood and secure a training location (large backyards or quiet neighborhood parks work well), then split the cost of the package. Ideal for training basic manners and obedience, but we can also customize the class to suit your group’s specific wants and needs (such as tricks or Therapy Dog skills).