Do you have a Feisty Fido? A Reactive Rover? If you have trouble controlling your dog around other dogs and/or strangers, this group class is designed to help your dog rebuild his sense of composure (and yours!) while practicing with a variety of dogs and people in (almost) “real-life” scenarios. This class is also helpful for dogs who are fearful of other dogs/people. Since there is a maximum of 4 dogs per class, you and your dog will get plenty of personal attention.

Once you attend the Owner Orientation (held about once per month; please see calendar), we can determine how much private training may be needed. Most dogs need 1-2 private lessons before attending class in order for both the dog and their human to make the fastest progress in class, and then you can sign up for your group classes per. Classes are currently held Saturdays from 4:30-5:30pm and Tuesday nights from 6:30-7:30pm (depending on enrollment) and continue on an on-going basis.

Exercises that will be taught during class include elements of Leslie McDevitt’s Control Unleashed, Grisha Stewart’s BAT (Behavioral Adjustment Training), Ali Brown’s Focus Not Fear, Patricia McConnell’s Feisty Fido, Kim Moeller’s Reactive Rover, Emma Parson’s Click to Calm, as well as techniques from Ian Dunbar, Nan Arthur, and other renowned experts in the field. Leash handling techniques, relaxation/calming techniques, focus exercises, confidence-building games, muzzle training, and mat training will be the main exercises worked on in the class, though what we work on varies from class to class, depending on the combinations of dogs in attendance that day and their moods.

*Dogs must be current on vaccinations for their age or have positive blood titer levels from within 1 year, and must maintain a clean fecal exam every 6 months. Dogs must attend at least twice per month for the first 3 months, at which point progress will be evaluated and the dog may “graduate” or reduce to once per month until “graduation”.

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