County Club OFF-LEASH is an off-leash training class for well-mannered pooches*, much like a members-only dog park. While not all dogs will start off with perfect etiquette, the goal is to have a dog who plays/socializes well with other dogs and listens to you whenever you ask, no matter what is going on – be that an agility competition or other dogs wrestling at dog beach. For most dogs, it is the next step after Control Unleashed (though dogs who still have a very large “personal space bubble” would most likely progress straight to Collegiate Canines). Dogs who have attended 4 or more Country Club classes may be invited to free Dog Beach meetups with the instructor (held Friday mornings or evenings). 

Training games will vary based on the dogs in attendance, but every class will consist of multiple recalls (COME). Other exercises may include: Stay, Heel, Leave It, Fetch, etc, in the form of games to keep you and your dog engaged with each other. In addition to continuing Control Unleashed exercises, many games are taken from APDT’s CLASS program, and all will help increase your dog’s ability to focus and listen while surrounded with distractions. Younger/new dogs, will start on a 15ft long line before being allowed off-leash; the amount of class sessions before being allowed off leash will vary per dog. In order to prevent social drift, dogs under 2 years of age must attend Country Club at least twice per month and dogs over 2 years of age must attend at least once per month. New members must attend for at least 2 weeks in a row to start.

*All dogs must have attended at least 6 weeks of Building Blocks or equivalent “beginner” classes elsewhere, plus at least 6 classes of Control Unleashed or equivalent “intermediate” classes elsewhere. All dogs must be friendly to both humans and dogs with no history of aggression, remain on leash until specified by the instructor, and show proof of current Rabies, Distemper, and Parvo vaccinations OR titer tests. All dogs must also show a clean fecal exam for Ova & Parasites and Giardia ELISA from within 3 months of start date, and every 6 months thereafter.

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